Copper Bonded Rod is a product that helps in dissipating the fault current to help your assets from being damaged from the hazards of fault current.  Copper bonded rods are manufactured in standard micron  which is internationally accepted.
Copper bonded rods are made from low carbon steel of grade BS 970 or AIS11018 with a high tensile strength of at least 600 N/mm2 . Low carbon steel core are molecularly tended with 99.9% pure electrolytic copper.

Salient Features for Copper Bonded Rod

  • Copper Bonded Rod will be perfectly bonded rod will lost longer, drive easier and will not crack.
  • Copper Bonded Rod will be Corrosion resistance while providing lowest resistance to ground.
  • Threads of Copper Bonded Rod are rolled by roll threading process, which ensures that when copper covers is maintained, at the root of the thread, Roll thread gives greater strength than cut thread.
  • Thread rolling process of Copper Bonded Rod raises the surface of the rod, so that Thread diameter is greater than Shank diameter

Copper Bonded Earth Rod Welded With Clamp

Copper Bonded Earth Rod is ideal driven earth electrodes, as they offer the installer an economical and efficient earth rod grounding system. pure electrolyte copper is uniformly molecularly bonded into a high tensile steel core to a minimum thickness of 0.254 mm, thus ensuring excellent corrosion resistance and eliminating electrolytic action. Copper Bonded Rod are formed by a rolling process to ensure thread strength and to maintain the integrity of the molecularly bonded copper
The main feature of this type of Copper Bonded Rod is that it does not require any External Clamps and its highly effective, This is manufactured in 250 micron i.e Copper Bonded Rod is in 250 micron and the Clamp ( 50mm Width X 6mm Thickness X 150MM Length ) is manufactured  in 25 to 75 micron.

Features of Copper Bonded Earth Rods with Brazed connecting Plates:

  • High quality
  • Reasonable price
  • Corrosion resistant

The Copper Bonded Electrodes are avaiable in various sizes

Sl No

Diameter of the Electrode

Copper Bonding on the Electrodes 

Length of the Electrodes

1 14.2 mm 100 microns 1.2 mtrs
2 14.2 mm 100 microns 2 mtrs
3 14.2 mm 100 microns 3 mtrs
4 14.2 mm 250 microns 1.2 mtrs
5 14.2 mm 250 microns 2 mtrs
6 14.2 mm 250 microns 3 mtrs
7 17.2 mm 100 microns 1.2 mtrs
8 17.2 mm 100 microns 2 mtrs
9 17.2 mm 100 microns 3 mtrs
10 17.2 mm 250 microns 1.2 mtrs
11 17.2 mm 250 microns 2 mtrs
12 17.2 mm 250 microns 3 mtrs

These Electrodes are certified and checked for quality before they leave the factory.