Chemical Earthing

Chemical Earthing system is a complex safety system which gives us protection from shock hazard and which needs careful consideration to ensure complete safety to those working on electrical circuits and equipments and as well as others who might be merely passing by.

Difference between Conventional Earthing & Chemical Earthing:

Conventional Earthing:

SS Maintenance free Chemical Earthing:

  1. Inadequate of Galvanization.
  2. More fluctuation in ohmic value.
  3. Require compulsory Maintenance.
  4. Use of charcoal & Salt
  5. More space required for installation (3'x3')(4'x4')
  6. Dissipation of fault/ static current flow is less , surface area corrosion.
  1. Good amount of galvanization up to 250 microns.
  2. No fluctuation of current & less oh mic value.
  3. Initial watering & No Maintenance,No need to change/ replace.
  4. No charcoal & No salt, filling with special compound.
  5. Less space for installation,required maximum 150mm to 200mm dia bore.
  6. Fast dissipation of any fault /static current due to more surface area, maintaining the moisture content and no corrosion.

Specifications of our Earth Enhancing Compounds

  • Non-Corrosive
  • Environmental Friendly
  • Thermally & Electrically Conductive
  • Decrease dangerous Step & Touch, Potential to permissible limits
  • Superior Fault Conduction Capacity
  • Non-Toxic
  • Achieves Resistance acceptable to any International & National Body

Advantages of Chemical Earthing:

  • Longer life span compared to conventional earthing.
  • Completely maintenance free.
  • Excellent performance compared to conventional type.
  • Required ohmic value like less than 1 ohm values can be achieved.
  • Weather resistance ie., will not corrode easily



Standards followed by our Chemical Earthing Products

  • IEEE
  • IS3043
  • BS7430
  • IEC 62561 - 7

Our Earth Enhancing Compounds

  • Follows IEEE 14.5d Std
  • Thermally & Electrically Conductive
  • Permanent earth enhancing compound
  • No leaching
  • Shelf life of more than 24 years
  • Designed to expand 18 to 20 times in the soil
  • It also lower's step & touch potential during a fault condition
  • Thermally conductive permanent earth enhancing compound when used in conjunction with Curec+
  • Shelf life of 8 years
  • Expands 18 to 20 times
  • Follows IEEE 14.5b Std
  • It removes entrapped air to create strong connection between rod & soil
  • It absorbs atmospheric & surrounding moisture and retains it in soil
  • Advance Bentonite based product
  • Performance of this product is superior than common Bentonite used in the domestic sector.
  • It is non-corrosive
  • Life span of 1-3 years
  • Follows IEEE 14.5b standard
  • Generally used in Residential Towers
  • Economical
  • Cement based earth enhancing compound
  • Has all the features and chemical properties of Curec+
  • This compound has been designed for areas where standard earthing solutions are not applicable
  • Follows IEEE 14.6 Std
  • Above all it also has defined thermal conductivity
Salt+Charcoal Curenite Curecon Curec+
Conventional Economical Mid-range product High Tech Product
Life Span 6-8 months Life Span of more 1-3 years Life Span of more than 8 years Life Span of more than 24 years
IEEE 14.5a IEEE 14.5b IEEE 14.5b IEEE 14.5d
Increases corrosion Slow corrosion Slow corrosion Minimum corrosion
Heavy Leaching No Leaching No Leaching No Leaching
Temporary Temporary Maintenance Free Maintenance Free